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Does anyone else here experience swollen glands?

I’ve been experiencing swollen glands for the past couple of weeks off and on and wonder how many others have it and if so what do you attribute it to?

Swollen glands and RA

I’ve recently discovered that swollen glands can be a part of Sjogren’s syndrome. My eyes have been excessively dry lately and so I’m wondering if it’s part of that. Just curious what other peoples' experience has been with us.

  1. Hi Nan. Yes, swollen glands and the involvement of the lymphatic system are hallmarks of Sjogren's, but also rheumatic conditions in general. You may have already done some of this research, but thought you might be interested in seeing this fairly recent article on "Lymphatic Function in Autoimmune Diseases:"

    I did find a number of articles mentioning swollen lymph nodes as an RA symptom. Did you see Andrew's article on the subject ( The concern, of course, is in noticing a new symptom when you are not new to RA (this always catches Kelly's attention), but, as we all know, RA rarely stays still. Hoping this ends up being just another one of those RA things that pops up from time to time. Best, Richard ( Team)

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