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Does anyone else have synovitis but no diagnosis?

Hiya I understand that you cant give medical advice but just looking to see if anyone in same boat ? All my bloods are normal, got mri on feet but was supposed to have contrast dye and because of mix up, was not. On the mri, there is clear synovitis around joints on both feet but the rheumatologist I saw says could be OA - im confused as seems odd to have on both feet. Im getting bilateral pain, morning stiffness and pain in hands, feet, knees but only my feet have been scanned as rheumtologusy couldnt feel any issue with anything other than left foot. I want to push this further and get the scans i should've had (with dye) but also want it to be OA so maybe it is??

  1. Hi aja1. Sorry you are having these physical and diagnostic issues. It is completely understandable that you hope it not to be RA (trust me, people here certainly understand) and RA can certainly be difficult to diagnose. You mention synovitis and, as discussed in this article of the stages of RA, it is associated with the earliest Stage I:, You also mention your blood tests coming back normal, so thought you might be interested in this article that discusses seronegative RA, which can occur in up to 30% of cases: It should also be noted that the tests may be correct and you may not have RA. As you noted, we cannot give medical advice and only a doctor can provide a diagnosis, but hope this information is useful and that you get some answers soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

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