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Does anyone have tendon flares?

I have horrible, painful tendon flares if I overuse ANY muscle or tendon but I never see many RA sufferers talk about that nor is it listed in common symptoms. For me, it’s worse than any joint pain or swelling, anyone else have this?

  1. Thanks for writing AmyLynn73. RA can absolutely affect the tendons and other connective tissues. This article from one of our contributors looks at what is called Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder: Also, this article from one of our other contributors looks at how RA attacks connective tissues: Hopefully, some community members will also chime in with their experiences. As with any new symptom, make sure to bring it to the attention of your doctor. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Thank you. I never find enough good information on the internet about the problems with tendon flares that I’m having. I never even knew it was part of RA until a few months ago.
      Thanks again

  2. Ann Lynn 73
    Have had RA a long time, never had the gnarly hands etc. Have always had connective tissues disease. along with a few other things. I use a Celebrex nock off to keep tendons in check, a time release anti inflammatory
    , Am on Xeljance to keep RA in check. Than for tendons that can be reached, I have a compounding pharmacy make up a cream which is (Diclfenic 10% Lipoderm} which I apply directly where it hurts. For those tendons i cannot reach there is always Jamie.
    Sore tendons suck and difficult to treat

    1. If you look at my list of meds taking since 1979, it gets pretty long. I have always half assed journaled the meds I take and results from them, I also journal attacks, meds, foods or moods that kick off a flair. Rum raisin ice cream is a favorite. but the root cause is milk products with high fat levels. there is a a web site. which tracks all the known cures for Crohns, as reported by folks like you and me. and their percent efficacy. the operating number is about 65 percent. they track thousands of us. Crohns, RA and connective tissues disease are all the same and different at the same time. be well, think well

    2. AmyLynn73
      How goes it

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