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The importance of diet for my RA journey.

Hi there, I've DXed myself with RA with the help of this website and other online information. My PCP has checked me with three different tests. The RheumASSURE panel showed mild markers.

I've been referred to a RA in Raleigh NC. I haven't made the appt yet because I wanted to get out of the horrible flare I was in. I was able to do this by changing my diet.

For years I have known that eliminating sugar from my diet would be a life changer but I didn't do it. I have now and it's been the game changer. After three days the incredible soreness and muscle pain started to subside. After a week I felt massive relief. Every day that goes by I feel better. I was seriously suicidal at one point. If it wasn't for a good friend and some internet searches about this disease I would have gotten worse.

I've always known that sugar is my Nemesis. It has also become an addiction.

Here is an article that I found interesting because it is what I have done besides get rid of the sugar. I also watched some YouTube videos about people that used an all meat diet to save thier family.

I'm on this journey by myself and hope to stay here in this community. Thank you, Sara

  1. Hi . Thanks for sharing what has helped. Many people do benefit from dietary changes while others seem not to be impacted. RA is such a strange disease. I would urge you to see the rheumatologist, regardless. You can always refuse medication, but it is good to be established with a rheumatologist should you ever need one. If you symptoms worsen and you need help, you might have to wait several months for an appointment as a new patient. I hope your dietary changes continue to help and that you remain pain free. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thanks for sharing the link!

      1. I totally agree. I would say to anyone to eliminate sugar and gluten. For me, I went macrobiotic and also eliminated dairy and meat. I lost about 10 kg in 16 weeks and felt much leaner and fitter (with only moderate exercise).

        Food is the first step to healing. Some trial and error but main principles like avoiding sugar are key.

        Personally, I think the ideal diet is something like 85-90% vegetables, grains and pulses and 10-15% fresh fish like salmon and tuna. For people with RA I think this can be especially important.

        1. Hello, I am Uli, in Barcelona, Spain. I am 68 and retired. I have been diagnosed with RA a few months ago. My doctor said it is not necessary for me to go to a reumatologist, as it is not so bad. I have some pain in my fingers and sometimes one of my feet. I am worried because I am allergic to all kinds of medications. Can't even take an aspirin. I have never been ill in my life. What can I do?

          1. Hi . Do you have any say over which doctor you see i teh public healthcare system? If so, I would suggest getting a second opinion. If you have autoimmune arthritis, like RA or PsA, it will get progressively worse over time without the right medication. If not, can you pay for a visit with another doctor? My heart goes out to you. - Lori (Team Member)

          2. I was commuting to China when the RA started. My family then moved to China.
            My doc in China was from France - we did all kinds of things but mostly narcotics - they helped me get through evenings - didn’t take them during work hours.
            Moved back to US but to Philadelphia. I saw a rheumatologist- he was a softy…like w a dream catcher on his wall. Waste of money and time.
            Moved back to Texas. I walked into my new rheumatologist’s office…all this time, walking w a cane. She saw me and said, “You need to be on methotrexate.” I am still seeing her after 12 years.
            I am a “doc” but of theology…getting my ThD was intended to give me legitimacy to my theological opinions. What I learned was that I wasn’t even on the field - now I was in the stadium and could watch the game. I would recommend you read Augustine, Aquinas, Van Til…not listen to me.
            My point - RA docs will know a thousand times what a regular doc will know about RA. See one…if it doesn’t help, try another one. The chemistry between y’all is important- you aren’t going to “get better” so y’all have to get along.

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