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Has anyone tried Xeljanz?

  1. Hey chetcem! I hope others chime in with their experiences. For me personally it did not work but that is not to say it wouldn't work for you. In fact, I know a lot of people who have really good experiences with it! These biologics all work very differently for everyone.

    I've linked an article with more information on this medication:

    All the best, Monica ( Team)

    1. Yes, I was on Xeljanz. I was happy to be out of pain finally but it only lasted three months. I ended up in the hospital with Sepsis... but that's me.

      1. Hi chetcern. On top of the excellent information from Monica, just wanted to share this recent article from one of our contributors, Kelly Mack (full disclosure - I'm her husband), on her switch to Xeljanz over the last several months: I should also follow-up with the information that since Kelly wrote this article there are indications that for her the Xeljanz is failing (pain, other symptoms, and side effects increased and most recent bloodwork took a negative turn). Of course, everyone can react differently. Wishing you the best and keep us posted on how you are doing. Richard ( Team)

        1. I started 5mg Xeljanz two times a day with prednisone to see if it will control my RA symptoms. Started two and a half weeks ago. I have hardly any swelling. I don't feel sick. Not as much pain. Walk straighter and can move my fingers. That's the positive.
          Negative. I feel extremely tired each day. I have a cough and runny nose. My urine is dark gold and smells. I have pain in my toes, ankles, wrists and fingers which feel like wires wrapped around the joints.
          I have had one major flare. Could hardly get to the bed to lay down and sleep. Bone tired. Slept 14 hours.
          But when things are good, they are very good. TB

          1. Hi northlake, thanks for writing. The fact that you are feeling a difference with Xeljanz after only 2 and a half weeks may be a good sign. This note on the response time for Xeljanz is from their own Q & A site: "In some patients, XELJANZ can begin to work in as early as 2 weeks to help relieve joint pain and swelling. And, in clinical trials, more than half of XELJANZ patients felt an improvement in RA symptoms at 3 months. Everybody is different though, so your results may differ" Hopefully other symptoms will also improve. If you feel you are having side effects, always make sure to bring them to the attention of your doctor. Best, Richard ( Team)

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