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Has anyone twisted their ankle and still have swelling?

A couple months ago I was bravely (albeit stupidly), trying on an old pair of high heels that I keep around because I like to look at them. Suffice it to say, my ankles did not have the strength to wear the thin heels and I fell off my shoe. The swelling started immediately, but despite ice and heat, it has not subsided. I still tend to be sore and favour that foot. I wonder if incidents like these are what causes intense RA symptoms to stay.

  1. Hi ! First off, my apologies for not replying at an earlier time!

    I am sorry you hurt your ankle (high heels are dangerous!). If you haven't done so already, you may want to talk to your physician about your injury. You may need an X-ray or a physical exam to check for damage.

    I hope by the time you are reading this response, your ankle is doing much better!

    Ankle swelling is a pretty typical RA symptom, and maybe your injury is an enhanced immune response. However, I am not a physician, so I cannot diagnose you. Here is some information on ankles and swelling that you may find helpful --

    I hope you are doing better at this point!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thank you Erin! I will check out the website. Take care.

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