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Anyone experience pain from dryness and inflammation in personal areas?

Any experience with pain from dryness and inflammation in personal areas? Perineal, perianal? When I flare I have these issues, frequently with bladder or rectal urgency. No signs of infection - drainage, burning with urination or odor. It may be worse about day 3 after my methotrexate dose, but not positive yet? Ideas if it is related to RA, meds (MTX, Humira), Sicca? Would you f/up with Rheum or FamPractice?

  1. J0space I was diagnosed in 2015 as stage 1 in 2017 I was put on injections within 12 months and now stage 3 and I have experienced that exact thing due to perimenopause and a combination of the r a i talk to my gynecologist and he said it was probably a compound issue and prescribed a cream that should help alleviate the discomfort and pain and dryness

    1. Oh, Yeah! After years of being told I had atrophic vaginitis, I was finally diagnosed with lichen sclerosis, another auto immune disease. This is not common but I wonder if it is more so in RD people?

      1. Hi J0space. As with any new symptom, you should report this to your doctor. Whichever doctor you see first you should report to. For your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. Perineal pain is known to potentially exist with methotrexate, including with Humira. Of course, there are other potential causes. Hopefully, your doctor can give you some answers. Best, Richard ( Team)

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