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Vitamin D3

The topic of Vit. D3 came up today in a discussion between myself and several other women. I take 5000mg of Vit D3 everyday. I have RA, I also have Fibromyalgia, Osteo-Arthritis, Osteopena, Wet Macular Deg. and Glaucoma.

Recently, I suggested that my sister try taking D3 since she had a low reading on her last blood test. She began taking 1000 mg - then 2000 mg./daily.

I first started taking D3 as a prescription from my RA dr. because my Vit D was extremely low. She gave me a dosage of 50Kmg once a week for 4 weeks and it brought my D back up to normal, but within a few months, it was back down low. After bringing it back up to low normal, I began taking 5000 mg Vit D3 OTC daily.

Both my sister and I have noticed a change in our well being. Not so much that you "feel" better, but after taking the Vit D for a few months - both of us had taken a 'break' from it and without the other knowing, had discovered we felt WORSE when NOT taking the Vit D and so started taking it again, and within a short time, began feeling better again.

The symptoms we both had (and she does not have RA) but is 2 yrs older - age 65) were stiff joints, and some over all lethargy and muscle aches. After taking the D3, we both independently - noticed we felt better.

I know this is just circumstantial evidence, but since I have joint pain and aches from my other diseases, and since I am fair skinned and on drugs that keep me from being in the sun, I took the Vit D to help keep my Vit D level up. My sister, on the other hand, is an outdoors person, who has some mild Osteo arthritis, but had a low Vit D level in blood work.

Has anyone else noticed a difference in their health by taking a higher dose of Vit D3? It can't hurt, but has many advantages with both brain function, aging, heart, bones, etc. I'm interested in hearing from others who either feel Vit D3 is a positive in their health or has no real effect for them.

Our discussion today was lively among those of us that take Vit D3 and those who feel Calcium+D is better overall for women. Thoughts?


  1. Connie, thanks for the information. I take 2000 IU of D3 daily. I'm not sure it helps but there is some evidence that it may be connected to RA processes. I notice that it helps my overall mood. It's also helpful for those of us living in northern regions where there is less sunlight.

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