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Does anyone have vitiligo?

My PCP prescribed Retinal A. she sad she doesn't believe it is autoimmune but if i want i can go to Rheumatologist. I was there a year ago and my lab work was negative with exception of a positive ANA so he was not going to diagnosis me with RA even tho I am showing some symptoms. I have been having a lot of weird things going on which I believe are related to RA - of course self-diagnosed. However I do see my Rheumatologist in a month

  1. Hi KellyT. It is good that you are going to see a rheumatologist. Vitiligo is autoimmune and this article from The Rheumatologist discusses research finding that autoimmune conditions are common in those with vitiligo: Only a doctor can provide a diagnosis and hopefully your rheumatologist can provide you some answers. Best, Richard ( Team)

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