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Waiting for the meds to kick in...

Hello All,

I was diagnosed in Nov 2014 so I am very new to this scene. I started MTX in December and Humira in Feb. I have constant pain and have had to turn to a narcotic to get through the day or the night when I can't live my life. Since I came off the steroid I have only had one good week, which I remember fondly! My Dr put me back on a low dose steroid yesterday to help until the Humira has time to work. My question to those who are regulated is, how long did it take you, did your first meds work, and do you take any pain medications on a regular basis to get through the day? I am feeling very discouraged as I have changed my diet, lost weight and exercise daily but I don't seem to be getting anywhere! I can say that the MTX has helped a lot to the point where I can exercise, I was unable to walk or stand for long peroids for a few months while they ran tests. So progress, oh yes there is progress, but I want to have an occasional pain day not an everyday pain day, it is so exhausting. I hope there is someone out there that can boost me up for a bit as I am just so frustrated.
Thanks so much!

  1. Hi Nes, very sorry to hear about your pain and hope that you find a good combination of medications soon. To be honest, it can take a long time to find the right combination of medications. I had a good response to methotrexate a few years ago, but after awhile it was less effective. I've been on Enbrel and a lower dose of methotrexate for about a year and it seems to be working. However, every little bit helps so I encourage you to keep up with healthy eating and exercise. Work every aspect of your treatment as this will help. Hope you find some support and encouragement in this community. Best, Kelly

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