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Weather and RA

How has weather made an impact on your RA? Does heat affect your RA? or Does the cold? Maybe both do. Please join the discussion about Weather and RA and tell us how you cope with weather changes.

  1. Dave,
    Thanks for sharing how weather affects you. You are right it definitely does affect people in different ways and I am sorry to hear the hot weather is the worst. Rolling with the punches is a good attitude, we are glad to have you here!

    Best Wishes, Lauren ( Team)

    1. Changes in the weather affect me most, along with precipitation. A few days bffote it rains, or snows my bones hurt so much I cannot stand it and I am in so much pain. Once the rain or snow come down then the pain eases up a bit. When the weather affects me I have to stop what I am doing, take my pain medicine and just rest.

      1. Thanks for sharing this with the community chestnc and for participating in this forum. We are sorry to hear that weather affects you this way, we are glad you know to stop what your doing take your pain meds and rest, this is a great take away and so glad you shared it!
        This article may resonate with you so I thought I would share:
        Thanks for being part of our community.
        Best, Lauren ( Team)

    2. People ask me how I feel because I can usually predict a storm or weather change, especially if the barometer takes a dip. I have had some of my most sever flares during weather change. I have found that if I cook or bake with the oven, I seem to be better. In the winter I keep the fireplace on and that also helps. Also, humidity, hot or cold weather is bothersome. I try to keep things dry. I notice when I am in the mall or commercial air when it is rainy and cold, it does seem to help me. Pat

      1. Thank you for sharing what works for you, Pat! I think every little tip can help other community members. And I bet no one in your house complains when you cook or bake to help with your flares! Thanks again for sharing. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    3. Yes! I am the same! It seems I'm intolerant of any temperature, or pressure system....70, no humidy, is all I can function well in......bwaaahaaaa!

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