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Wedding with RA

Hello everyone. I am 40 years old, and have had RA since 2012. The start of my diagnosis was rough, but I am currently on leflunomde and Enbrel and both are working pretty well. I also have supportive friends, family, and fiance, and doctors who generally listen and respond well. I am grateful for all of this and realize I am quite fortunate. I also know that my symptoms could worsen at anytime.

I am getting married in September 2017, and have planned a fairly large wedding. We are keeping everything on location, so hopefully that will make things easier. I am able to control my pain pretty well with 800 mg ibuprofen, but I still can succumb to fatigue, especially after a few days of lots of activity. Generally, I don't do social activities more than twice a week for this reason.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had experience and may have tips on how to navigate an exciting and fun but big, tiring, and complex event with RA. Thank you!

  1. Hi elissa76,

    First and foremost congrats on your upcoming nuptials, that is really exciting!! We wish you and your fiance all the best in the upcoming celebrations and future together.

    While getting ready for a big event like this can bring stress to some, we hope that it can be a relaxing time for you espeically since stress may trigger ones RA.
    I hope the community can provide you with some helpful tips and support, I thought of some articles that may coincide with your question. While they are holiday related, I thought that you could apply some of the tips to your big day.

    Additionally, if you'd like more support try to post on our facebook page, here is a link:

    Again, we wish you all the best and please come back and let us know how you make out.
    Thanks for being part of our community.

    Best Wishes,
    Lauren ( Team)

    1. Hi Elissa. What I have done on very rare occasion with my doctor's approval and supervision was take a short term 'spike' of prednisone. Obviously, they would have to agree and write the script, but maybe for your wedding day they would make an exception. Maybe you could start the discussion about your wedding and fatigue and how you are concerned about making it through? They might have another idea how to help you. For me, even when I taper off the prednisone, I still have that crash where I am more tired than I was before I took it, but I plan for that.
      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

      1. Thank you so much KT and Lauren for these great suggestions! I hadn't thought of the prednizone spike; that's an idea. I did think of trying to convince my doctor to give me a cortisol shot before it. Mostly, I have to be sure to pace myself, take breaks, and not be afraid to ask for help.

        Now if anyone has suggestions for snazzy but comfortable shoes, that would be fantastic! 😀

        1. Beach wedding.... barefoot.

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