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Does anyone find a weighted blanket comforting?

I have RA and use Simponi and Methotrexate. Over recent years I have developed trouble sleeping. I used to be able to sleep incredibly well, but the last few years I have found that I wake up several times a night and anxiety will keep me awake.

Weighted blanket for anxiety and sleep

I'm now having treatment for anxiety, so therapy and Lexapro. This seems to be helping greatly, but my sleeping habits haven't improved. Additionally, I have noticed a difference in that the manner in which I now physically sleep. I used to always keep my room rather cold, only need a light weight quilt, and windows open and fans on even in winter (where I live doesn't get terribly cold – near Sydney). Now I need more covers, and tend to burrow under them, and have to keep my head covered if possible. This is a contrast to past years when I literally couldn't bear to have my face covered, and was able to sleep without any covers in the warmer weather.

Is a weighted blanket worth it?

Has anyone tried a weighted blanket for sleep? I have read that some people find them effective and comforting. However, I don't want to throw any more money away on something that I will ultimately find useless and will just become more clutter. I wondered if the weight would actually exacerbate the creakiness of RA or if the overall effect is soothing. I know it's not the same thing, but I remember how my brother couldn't bear to have anything touching his leg when he had a flareup of gout. Anyone have any experience? Thanks.

  1. Hi ! Thanks for your question. While you wait for others here to chime in, I wanted to share with you some community discussions around this topic from our Facebook page: I hope these comments are insightful to you! -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thanks for that. I would never have found it as I seldom look at Facebook. It has some really useful responses. Terry.

      1. I love weighted blankets but mainly because I am so cold all the time. I can't say for sure that it improved my RA at all but I definitely found it soothing and cozy. If you are searching for that feeling then I don't think it will be a waste especially if you find one with a good return policy.

        Good luck!


        1. Franki, thanks for the response. Soothing and cosy sounds great. That's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not so much looking for an improvement for my RA, simply something that will help me to sleep without adding discomfort.

          Cheers, Terry

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