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Has anyone tried a wheat free diet?

Read an article in AARP magazine about inflammation and RA. It says "A family of proteins found in wheat has been linked to an increase in inflammation and may worsen the symptoms of RA....

  1. Hi patcryan, Thank you for reaching out. I hope that our community chimes in with their personal experience to share with you. In addition to speaking with your doctor and Dietitian, this article written by one of our contributors discusses gluten-free eating, that may be helpful to you: Please keep us posted on how you are doing and if you notice any benefit to changing up your diet. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. I have been on this since 1974 for Crohn's disease and it has helped that. Not sure about RA> Good luck.

      1. Hi patcryan. On top of the great information from Kelly, thought you might also be interested in this article from one of our contributors on anti-inflammatory foods: Best, Richard ( Team)

        1. Yes; I have given up wheat entirely & last time was almost full year. I did not notice any difference but: we are all different & worth a strong try.
          I am strict Vegetarian almost a full year & do not miss animal protein at all (as child I disliked all animal products; chicken pork beef. I am thinner; dropped 40 lbs but that maybe steroids. I was Vegan & my protein low- having Total Shoulder Reversal Replacement Surg 10 was ago: added dairy.

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