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Xeljanz Anyone???

Looking for any individuals that are taking Xeljanz for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I will be starting the treatment in the next week and I was wondering if it is helping and how long it takes to see results. Any side effects that you've noticed or problems? I've taken Humeria, Enbrel, Cimzia, Methotrexate, Simponi, Prednisone, Orencia, (and others) all resulted in rather unbearable side effects and NO improvement in my pain.
Anyone taking any kind of pain relief medicine that helps? I am having a flare right now and in alot of pain! Toes, wrists, killing me! Taking Hydrocodone with little relief (I' been on it about 7 years and I think it's worn off). help, please??

  1. Hi Patricia, your story sounds like mine...6 biologicals with little help. My rheumy and I discussion Xeljanz but opted to try RItuxan. I can't help you with Xeljanz experiences but you may also post it over at out Facebook page to see who responds.
    In terms of pain relief, I've tried Tramadol and am also taking hydrocodone (Vicodin) as await neck surgery in two weeks. Not sure what else to suggest. Have you chatted to your rheumy about pain? There are pain doctors, or physiatrists, who might be able to help.

    1. Hi I just started Xeljanz Aug. 23rd. So far it has not kicked in yet. I tried a lot of biologics, but the only one that worked was Actemra. Then after being on it for over 2 years it started to lose it effectiveness on me. So doc thought Xeljanz was the next option. We discussed Rituxan, but I am the caregiver of my dad and being gone for 6 hrs. was not an option. Please let me know if it works for you and how long it took to work. If and when it starts working for me I will keep you posted.

    2. Hi Sheila, Did your doctor indicate how long it might take for Xeljanz to start working? I've been on Rituxan for about a year. It took 4 months to start working, I had a really good response then, and then it's effectiveness back off somewhat. But I know I'm not as bad as I could be if I wasn't taking anything. Everyone is different and responds to medications differently.

  2. I haven't been on a biologic yet, but I wanted to address your pain issue if you still have it (😉

    I see a neurologist for herniated neck discs and we are trying to find a long acting (extended release) pain medicine. One that I tried but decided against because I'm too active is a fentanyl patch. It lasts for 3 days and worked well. The problem I had was perspiration. If I did my exercise walk, I perspire and that cut down on how long the patch was effective. If you don't have that issue, they might be a good solution.

    1. Narcotic pain meds are getting more controlled as Vicodin (hydrocodone) is now going to classified in the same group as oxycodone and other stronger narcotics. I find that narcotic side effects are too much for me but I know some people who take them long term.

      1. I have been on Xeljanz for about 8 months now. I have been through many bioligics, all TNF's such as Humira, Enbrel, Remicade and Simponi and we finally decided to go to a different type and thus the decision to go with Xeljanz. I also take 20mg of MTX and 4 mg of Methalprednisolone each day. I do not take any pain meds other than an occassional tylenol/advil combo. I don't feel good on pain meds at all. I do use lots of ointments, capsacin roll on's and lydocaine patches as well as some neoprene braces,etc. to releive symptoms. Of course I went through all of the other DMARDS along the way too. I have had RA for nearly 20 years. All that said, I think Xeljanz is doing as well as the others did. I seem to only get a response for about 2 years then I build a tolerance and we move on to the next. I have had absoluetly no side effects at all. Hope this helps. Nan

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