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Does anyone take Zogenix?

Or any other pain relief with hydromorphen? OxyContin does not help me at all. My liver enzymes are radically elevated again. A year or so ago they did the same, with a routine blood test both times. The first culprit was found to be green tea with ginseng. But I’ve not had any more since then. If it’s the acetaminophen in my Norco (which it was not last time) would this be a safe and effective medicine to use? I take less Norco now than I did over ten years ago so I do not consider myself to be high risk for addiction.Don’t even comment on the expense. I’d go into debt if it meant less pain. I do not have flares, I have pain 24/7.

  1. Maybe someone can help out, but I am not seeing that Zogenix is an FDA approved medication? I know the filing was made for use in seizure situations. What I think i am seeing is that as of April 19, 2019 the FDA had not accepted the application in part because of a filing error.

    1. Hi PamelaP. To follow-up on what Rick was saying, I was able to locate that Zogenix is a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The pain medication you may be referring to, which they produce, is named Zohydro. Here is an FDA fact sheet on the drug: It includes this statement on liver damage: "As a single-entity hydrocodone, Zohydro ER can be taken without the threat of severe liver damage, which can occur with hydrocodone combination products that contain acetaminophen." Your doctor should be able to provide addtional information on safety and any concerns that may be related to your specific case. Best, Richard ( Team)

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