Community Thoughts- Who motivates you?

There may be people that are motivational in our lives, as well as on a day to day basis. However, when dealing with RA-related challenges, the people who keep us going are critical. So we asked our Facebook community: Who motivates you during tough times - family, friends, clergymen/women?


  • My daughter is what keeps me smiling
  • My youngest daughter too, and her boyfriend and his mom too. They are a huge blessing.
  • My amazing kids by birth and adoption


  • My Grandson who is four, when he walks into the room his face lights up and smiles, he make me forget the pain I am in.


  • My husband is my rock, always there for me and although he can’t cure me, he hugs me during my bad days and tells me not to worry he will look after me.
  • My husband even though he has RA and has had three strokes and two heart attacks he lifts me up. Always worrying about me, making sure I am ok.
  • My husband for sure... he is the only one that really “sees” me on my bad days and knows just what to say to help me during the difficult days.
  • My husband in my rock. He remind me of all that I have survived through and that I can do anything just slower.
  • My husband is my rock
  • My husband is my strongest support when I have bad RA days…. I do not think I could have managed it without him.
  • My awesome husband is what keeps me smiling
  • My husband is amazing


    • My wife, and very close friend without them I’m positive I would have given up especially in the darkest moments.
    • My wife gets what I go through


      • My boyfriend is always here for me…. And I have so many tough days…. He is always giving me support needed so I don’t’ give up.

Support Groups:

      • My online RA friend and support group


      • My kids help me accomplish the things I cannot do on some days, my husband keeps reminding me to move smile. Don’t know what I’d do without him.
      • My family and friends are always there for me
      • My husband is my rock, my daughters, granddaughters and friends


      • Shiba Inu’s
      • My little dog who knows I’m having a real bad day, he doesn't leave my side, I’m blessed.

Clergy Men and Woman:

      • My pastor has been wonderful
      • My faith gives me hope
      • God gives me a nudge letting me know my work is not done yet


      • My parents help me tremendously
      • My parents are amazing


      • My sister helps me through the tough days


      • My doctor knows what I go through


      • My absolute love of adventure

Who motivates you? Share in the comments below!

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