For Just One Day....

Last updated: March 2020

I wonder if, like me, you ever daydream about what it would be like to have just one day without RA. I found myself, just a few days ago, reflecting on the possibilities.

Everyday challenges of rheumatoid arthritis

For just one day.... I would love to wake up and be able to launch into my day without having to wait for the morning stiffness to ease up. To get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to work all while feeling strong and pain-free.

For just one day.... I want to do all of the physical activities I love, like tennis, that I gave up because of RA. No restrictions, no barriers to doing anything I want to do!

For just one day.... I would like to not take ANY RA medications AND still be just fine.

Free of RA fatigue and exhaustion

For just one day.... I want my energy level back pre-RA. No fatigue, no weariness.

For just one day.... I want a restful, full, deep sleep from which I wake rested and eager to start my day.

For just one day.... I want to be able to say yes to any activity or social event I am invited to participate in. No worries about how tired I might get, how sore my joint might become from the activity or event.

For just one day... I would love to cook with abandon. Not having to worry about how my hands might feel from chopping, stirring, or slicing. I have not had the option for years and I miss it.

For just one day.... I want the entire world to KNOW what RA is and is not. How pervasive it is, how life altering it is, how unending it is. That level of understanding and empathy would be wonderful to behold.

Easy access to my medical team and fewer insurance troubles

For just one day.... I want to be able to call up any person on my medical team and have access to them within hours versus days or weeks. That can make the coping so much better.

For just one day.... I want to be able to have as much time with my rheumatologist as I need with no attention to the restrictions of an appointment. Plenty of time to chat and share and chew on all the options available.

For just one day.... I want to call my insurance company and not get a medication denied the first, second and third time. I want to be told that since your physician and you believe it will work we agree, so let's give it a shot!

Free of extra stress and worry about my health

For just one day.... I want to be free of the stress that RA brings into my life. I want to have complete relief from the often pervasive anxiety and depression that accompanies a chronic disease like RA. I want NO sadness. Only joy and happiness and relief.

For just one day.... I want to have NO JOINT PAIN. None. I want every joint to feel smooth, healthy, strong and 100% mobile.

For just one day.... I want all of the fear and worry about the future of my health, living with RA, to be dispelled, gone, vanquished. This one is very special to me. That little speck of fear is always with me, sometimes small, sometimes large and imposing, taking over my every thought. As I age, the fear has become even more invasive and I would love that to be a thing of the past.

Finally, for just one day.... No RA...

What would you like to have for JUST ONE DAY?

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