A Little Gratitude in Uncertain Times

Recently, I wrote an article to empower us ‘Spoonies’ to head into this quarantine with confidence and strength.

Now, I am going to talk about all the things I am grateful for during this rather unhappy time because it’s important to remember positivity and keep our spirits up.

There is a lot to be nervous about

It’s scary out there and there is a lot to be nervous about: the way this virus spreads, how close it is to home and how deadly it is, to name a few. It can feel like our homes are the only safe place on the planet. And, even then, the sheer fact we have to go get our essentials, like prescriptions and food, often threaten that oasis.

But, amongst all the uncertainty and fear I find myself quite calm, content and grateful.

Practicing gratitude during quarantine

I am grateful that I have a home I can stay in. I am grateful it is a safe home. I have my pets. I have the funds to care for them. I saw a cut in salary but I have enough set aside to carry me through this quarantine. Yes, going to the store is a whole other mood but at least, I have access to food and other essentials.

Saving money

I am grateful I am saving money. This is a weird one because I (sort of) lost one of my jobs. I since regained it but with a much smaller salary. But, even under these circumstances, I am saving money. I already don’t spend a lot of money but it’s amazing how much I’m saving on not paying for gas, or for coffee, or the occasional lunch out, etc. I am also cautious about the extra things I buy. I don’t know where items are coming from, I don’t know if they’re infected. The less I bring into my house, the better.

Simplfying my life

I am grateful that I can spend this time to reduce, reuse and...use up. I have so many things. I can now focus on finishing them. I can use my makeup before buying anything new, all the skincare I’ve meant to use but haven’t. All the pens and paper and markers I wanted to doodle with; well, now I can. Quarantine has helped me simplify my life.

Health insurance and access to medications

I can afford to maintain my health insurance and, thankfully, I am not on any of the medications that are being studied to treat COVID-19. I have access to all my medications and to all my doctors.

Grateful for where I live

I am grateful that I live in a highly wooded neighborhood so that even when I am outside I know the air is fresh. I live in an area that gets all four seasons and right now we get a lot of rain. Rain is powerful and clean. Everything is growing and growing well. The turnover from a bleak winter is beautiful. I am grateful for this experience. I am grateful that I can’t hear as many airplanes and cars. I can hear the wildlife as they come out and enjoy the warm weather, as well.

(Side story: I was in my kitchen when I noticed a very handsome fox staring at me from the top of my patio steps. He sniffed at Mocha’s paddling pool then climbed the stairs and sat right next to the door. We looked at each other for a moment and he went on his way. It was so quiet and peaceful outside that I got to see nature close up and personal.)

Cherishing what I have during quarantine

I am grateful that I am healthy. I can go outside, I can enjoy nature and I can care for my pets. The quarantine has not changed my daily life too much as I like to stay home with my girls but now, I have even more time to enjoy and cherish them.

I don’t find myself scared or anxious or upset. I feel pretty good through this uncertain time and I know there is a lot for me to feel grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

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