How I Manage my Never Ending Fatigue

How I Manage My Never Ending Fatigue

Raise your hand if you’ve ever brought up fatigue with your physician? Raise both hands if there was not a lot they could do to help you?

Yup, me too. Actually, if I had the dexterity I’d also lift my feet in the air for futilely trying to manage my symptoms and trying the “more coffee” suggestion…

…Be right back, I’m going to go make a cup now so I can finish this article!

Alright, I’m back.

Tips to fight fatigue

There are no meds for it, I can’t anticipate it, and it controls me. So, how do I manage? The fatigue may wear out my body, which usually means a nice long nap but honestly, my brain doesn’t need rest of that kind very often. When sleeping isn’t an option and my body needs the rest I need something more to do than stare at the ceiling. Below are my tricks for fighting the monster we call lethargy.


Reading books

Books. Rheumatoid Arthritis might have taken my physicality but it didn’t take my mind. I am an avid reader, always was always will be. I keep a stack of books near my bed so I can have my pick any given day. I am a bit flighty so I do skip around multiple books. Please let me know if you do this too!!

Sleeping with pets

Gather the fur. If the pets are sleeping they’re not getting into trouble or making noise. Nowadays, my sleep quality is always better when they sleep with me, which means my body recovers faster and better. I personally cannot sleep at all without them! Note: This may not work for everyone. Most people find animals in the room distracting.

Activities to strengthen the mind

Apps/Puzzles/Games. I love reading but I can’t do it every time I’m laid up in bed because my hands are too sore or I’m just not in that headspace. So, I have a multitude of game apps, I do Sudoku, crosswords, color or paint my nails! When I want to read I use a library app and prop my reader against pillows. If you’re into audiobooks those are also a good option.

Computer. I wish this wasn’t on the list because I spend entirely too much time on my computer.
I subscribe to a couple of online streaming sites and binge movies or series. I even come up with a little competition for myself and see how fast I get through a season or series. Yes, this is sad but it helps me justify all the time I spend watching something on my computer.

Write. I write whatever flows into my head. I write articles or write for my blog. I check other people’s blogs and social media. It takes up a surprising amount of time and I can connect with other people.


And finally, I embrace the nap. I have always loved to nap. One of the only clear memories of my childhood was taking a nap after elementary school and my dad waking me up when he came home from work. There was a brief spell, between the ages of 10 and 16 that napping just wasn’t cool but I rekindled my relationship with it in college. Napping is a sure-fire way to rest and recharge my achy breaky body.

Rheumatoid arthritis and fatigue

I could kid myself forever but fatigue, it’s there, it’s not going away and the only way I can manage it is to acknowledge it and let my body rest when it needs to.

Fatigue. The one word that opens the flood gates in the Spoonie community. Let me know in the comments your tricks for managing exhaustion because I could definitely use some more!

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