I HATE Winter

Last updated: October 2022

When people meet me, they quickly learn these basic facts.  1. I am married to Sheryl, 2. We have two sons who I adore, 3. We have three grandchildren that I dearly love. People also learn quickly that I HATE cold weather and that my birthday (date of gift in our home, the day God gave me to the world) is June 21st.

Yes, June 21st in the northern hemisphere is the longest day of the year, the first day of summer, and sometimes it is Father’s Day I like to rattle off those facts about my birthday like I am divulging a great secret that I want the listener never to forget.  Of course, June 21st being the longest day means that December 21st is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Of course, with December 21st being the shortest day of the year, it also means that it is the first day of winter.  Ugh, I hate winter. It seems that every year I dislike it even more.  I dislike cold feet, cold hands and most of all I dislike not riding my bicycle whenever I want.

Ways I cope with winter

I know by now you are wondering how if I hate it so much how do I cope with winter?  I cope by complaining constantly.  I talk about it so much it is as if I am trying to generate heat from bumping my gums (a term my wife introduced me to).

Of course, there are more productive ways to deal with cold weather.  Here are my top four ways to cope.

1. Winter will end.  It always has and always will.

That mantra is my best defense against cold weather.  I know it will end.  Sometimes in April or May, I will be on my bicycle and enjoying a warm spring day.  I have been alive for over 60 years, and it never fails, even in the depths of winter I can hold on to one thing that has always been true.  The cold weather will go away.  Yes, January and February are awful months for me, but that is about 60 days.  I can make most things work for at least 60 days.  I will this time as well.

2. February is short

Speaking of February remember it is the shortest month.  Yeah, think of it this way. The season I HATE includes the shortest month of the year.  If I lived in Australia the season, I love would include the shortest month.  Ha, take that all you folks who live south of the equator and who mock me in social media all winter.  Just wait until July, I will be sitting at the pool, and you will be cold for one of the longest months.  Sure, I know you are enjoying the beach, but just wait I will be dining outside and enjoying the warm summer nights.  Your turn like mine is coming.

3. It’s time to arrange my summer couture

I know that sounds silly but something I say on December 21st every year is that it is now time to arrange my summer couture.  No, I never do it, but I commit to it, I mean let’s face it I do not have couture let alone the need to arrange it.  By the way, in French couture means sewing.  We Americans use it to describe any exclusive product.  So, yes, I am arranging my sewing.  No, I never sew.  But I do have some thread that gets in my way a lot.

4. Snuggle

To be clear, I mean with Sheryl.  No, not you, I mean me.  Oh, heck I better leave this one alone.  I trust you know what I mean.

Have a great winter everyone, summer is coming, and my birthday (date of gift) is less than six months away.  It is time to think of your plan for my birthday for your summer couture. Just saying.

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