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Heavy or Light? The Everyday Question of Hand Grip

Last updated: September 2021

My grip strength was always an issue with my rheumatoid arthritis.

I remember when I started losing my grip and couldn’t grasp the holds on the climbing wall. I remember when I kept dropping silverware and bowls and plates. I remember when I dropped my dogs’ ceramic bowls and they shattered.

Pretty much I dropped all the things. Sometimes, it didn’t matter because they were not breakable; but other times, it was a pain in the ass (like the aforementioned feeding bowls).

Which is better: light or heavy?

So, I began my mission to find out which was better to handle: light or heavy objects!

I’ve heard different opinions from community members about whether light things are better or heavier ones are easier and now, I add my two cents to the conversation.

I thought lighter objects were better

Initially, I thought the lighter the better because, along with my ability to grasp things, my overall strength diminished. Heavy things were just harder to manage.

They were...heavy and, with the new weakness in my fingers and wrists, I ran the risk of dropping these objects.

Additionally, carrying heavy objects wore me out fast. I no longer had the stamina to carry these types. So, lighter was better.

The extra grip tired me out

Except, not really. While the light things helped me with energy levels and overall disease management, I now faced an interesting dilemma.

I was even MORE prone to dropping things. Whether things fell rapidly from my hand or sending things flying in any direction, I still wasn’t holding onto anything!

I started to notice I tightened my grasp on the objects and that extra grip tired me out which, in turn, loosened my hold on the item. So, were light things really better?

Putting it to the test

I put this to the test. I traded in my old phone for a new one (well, I didn’t trade in my phone purely for this experiment, but my case decision had this in mind).

I had a pretty light case on my previous phone. I added one of those holds on the back thinking that it would help me hold onto my phone. However, I kept dropping it. A phone is not something I want to keep dropping.

By the way, I miraculously never really broke my phone any of these times! Dunno how, but you know what? I’m not complain’.

Trying out my heavier items

So, when I got my new phone I also got the heaviest, least portable, and probably least accessible case I could.

It was a beast of a case. It was heavy and it was thick. Because of this, I could not use my phone with one hand. But, for the purposes of science, I proceeded.

What were the results?

And, you know what?? I actually stopped dropping my phone! The added weight made it more solid in my hand so I a) was not grasping so hard but b) I had a better handle on it.

I popped on another backing and I could then hold my phone with one hand...for a short period of time. After all, it was still heavy and I still didn’t have my full strength.

So, which came first? The chicken or the egg? Which is better? Light or heavy? What do you think? LMK in the comments!

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