It's a small, small world

It's a small, small world

Have you ever stopped to think how important the notion of smallness is to managingRA? As strange as this may sound I am convinced that remembering to keep it small may well be one of those little gems of truth that will make your life with RA a great deal more manageable.

For instance, in the winter when dealing with snow and/or ice covered surfaces, taking small steps can well prevent serious falls and injuries. I have totally adjusted the way I move around since RA. Not just in the winter but anytime I am on any type of challenging surface. I take deliberate, small steps, being careful to shift my weight and be conscious of my balance. In so doing, I can avoid mishaps that could lead to a lot of pain and injury.

Small trips can be a very nice choice for those of us with RA. Small trips, both in terms of duration and distance, can make a trip perfectly manageable and even more fun and relaxing rather than trying to undertake a long distance, long duration event that often brings with it more stress. Speaking of trips, using small suitcases are important! I have discovered that taking 2 small suitcases instead of 1 large one can be the difference in pain or no pain when I arrive at my destination.

How about small parties, especially when we are hosting? Having a few close friends and/or family over versus a large event is a much better choice for those of us with RA. From shopping to preparation to getting your home all set for the visitors, small means a much more manageable set of tasks and a more enjoyable, less painful get-together.

Small steps, in terms of life choices and decisions, can make a huge difference in our lives with RA. For instance, increasing your exercise by even a small amount can be just the boost we need to feel better. No amount is too small! If you walk around the block once a day, try increasing it to twice!

The same goes for our food choices. I have found that smaller portions mean I don’t feel deprived of the foods I love, but enjoying a smaller serving is a great start to improving my diet. In that same vein, small adjustments in the foods we select can help tremendously. For instance, increasing, however small, your portion of fruits and vegetables has been shown to positively impact our health.

Intellectually I think a nice goal is to keep our fears and worries as small as possible. This is a bit more difficult and abstract but nonetheless achievable in its own way. I know that there are times when I let worries grow so big and far more frightening than they should be or need be. I am trying to remember to keep those scary worries small and specific in scope. By doing that, I am able to keep them from getting away from me.

Committing to making some small strides, small adjustments and small changes in our lives will surely benefit our management of RA!

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