Top 12 Kitchen-Friendly Gadgets that Will Make Preparing Meals Easier

Like to cook but don’t have the time or the energy? Here are some gadgets that will increase your efficiency and make food preparation, eating, and clean up much easier. Utilizing time-saving and efficient tips can help lower your stress and make mealtime more enjoyable!

12 RA-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

  1. A food processor. This device saves the time and energy of chopping. And if you rinse the device right away, before food sticks, it’s easier to hand wash or you can place it in the top rack of your dishwasher.
  2. Dishwasher safe cutting boards. They’ll make your life a whole lot easier. It is important to thoroughly clean cutting boards after each use, but it can sometimes be difficult to maneuver large cutting boards in the sink and then scrub them clean. Add them to the dishwasher and let the machine do the work for you!
  3. Extend-your-reach grabber. This gadget has improved a lot over the years and can help you reach things that are farther away by extending a claw-like clasp to grab onto. You can use this nifty tool to grab spaghetti on the top shelf in the cupboard or a bag of rice that has fallen on the floor.
  4. Hand-held Immersion blenders. This tool allows you to puree and chop soups right in the pot. Just make sure to angle it correctly so you don’t end up with soup on the wall.  Hand helds save time on both the washing and preparation work!
  5. An easy grip jar and bottle opener or a less expensive latex gripper. These can be very helpful when trying to open those tough bottles and jars. The first, allows you to get a good grip while also cutting through any plastic sealer. The second option is the more old fashioned round circular latex material that helps you grip an appliance such as the bottom of blender, so you can open it up for cleaning.
  6. A lightweight blender like the Magic Bullet. These small blenders can be surprisingly powerful. And the smaller and lighter size make them less cumbersome to lift and wash. Since they’re so easy to use and clean, you’ll also be more likely to make healthy green smoothies to boost the intake of anti-inflammatory foods that are good for RA.
  7. Electric can and jar openers. These gadgets are a lifesaver in the kitchen. They open cans and jars all by themselves, without any effort on your part. You just place the container in the right spot and the opener will do the rest. Making meals with multiple canned vegetables, beans, soups, or jarred fruits has never been easier! Remember to clean the jar tops before opening and sanitize the can opener after each use.
  8. Good Grips utensils and kitchen tools. These have a larger, rubber handle that makes cutting, gripping, peeling, mixing, and stirring easier than with conventional utensils. You’ll be able to get a good grip and eat meals the way you used to.
  9. Scoop dishes. These dishes have a higher rim around the edge so you can “scoop” food into your spoon or on to your fork, making it easier to eat meals. These dishes make mealtime less of a hassle so you can relax and enjoy your meals.
  10. Double handle cups. What’s better than one handle? Two handles! Cups with two handles provide a better grip for your drinks. Now you can use both hands to enjoy your morning coffee or your afternoon tea.
  11. Water-resistant or vinyl tablecloths. Vinyl tablecloths come in lots of cool colors with a modern vibe. Clean up with a washrag and that’s less laundry for you
  12. Now that you have lots of shopping to do for new kitchen tools, you may want to invest in an EZ Carry. This is a handle you can grip that allows you to carry multiple shopping bags at once. The handle is big enough so that you don’t have to squeeze too much.

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