50 year old woman

I am now 50 and was diagnosed with RA just before my 49th birthday. I have been a healthy eater forever and only drink water & 1 cup coffee/day. Looking back, I believe this was creeping up on me for at least 2 years prior to diagnosis. Bones popped and cracked a lot and started feeling stiff after sitting and watching TV for a while. I walked like Fred Sanford when first getting up. I would also wake with locked knees and pain. Then after sitting by the pool with family one day, I noticed my feet and ankles were really swollen and a little sore. Next day my hands did the same thing. I started drinking lots of water and they went down after a few days. I mentioned this to my Gyno at a regular check-up and she said let's do some blood work. I had Graves disease at age 40 so have always been worried I might get another autoimmune. Next day my Gyno called and said she was making me an apt with a Rheumatologist and blood work indicated RA. Two weeks later it was confirmed after Xrays of feet and hands...RA. I was put on Prednisone and Methotrexate (I think I started at 4 metho/week). Prednisone made me feel great! But 3 months later when getting weaned off of it, I experienced the blahhhs really bad. Took me a couple months to feel sorta normal again. Hoping this is not going to be a regular thing. The Methotrexate was increased and has done the trick for me until 2 months ago. I had to go off for 3 weeks due to my blood work showing high liver enzymes. I was at 9 pills/week and they reduced it to 8. I had a flare and they put me on a 2 weeks Prednisone treatment to get me over it. Feeling better but still have what I call traveling aches. Starts in pinky finger and crosses over my hand to each finger each day. Then pops to my shoulders and down to my hip then big toe on right foot. I have discovered that overdoing it makes me hurt and also stress. Also the closer it gets to time for my Metho I have more pain. I have a problem with being really tired and feel chills and aches some days but I know it could be a lot worse. Thankful for the good days!

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