A long year

My husband was diagnosed with RA one year ago. He woke up one morning and nearly collapsed getting out of bed. His legs just wouldn't hold him up.
After several minutes he was able to move around better but had a great deal of pain in his hips.
I must mention that my husband up to that point was extremely active. Bike riding, scuba diving and working out, never missing a day. He loved being very physical with hiking at extreme levels.
This illness has been not only been physically challenging but just as debilitating emotionally for him.
Every time we make some progress something happens and we find ourselves back to square one.
He's had to have some surgeries which set us back due to the fact he had to go off the medication. And then, complications that take forever to subside.
He's a tough cookie and wakes up every morning eager to start again, hopeful that he will have a good day. I don't think he has had three good days in a row since this all began.
He started taking high doses of prednisone which took us a year to wean off, now he takes methotrexate and Humira, which doesn't appear to be helping this week.
I suppose we now are just coming to the realization that this is a forever journey now which is extremely difficult to wrap our heads around some days.
Presently he is having a great deal of trouble with his hands swelling and pain. We've tried ice, which helps. His hand is so swollen, he sometimes can't close them. I ordered the infrared gloves which I hope will help.
I'm frustrated with the doctors not really saying a whole lot and the rheumatologist just wants to see him every three months. I worried that the Med's aren't working enough and I worry about more damage to his joints especially his hands.
Too tired to continue tonight... We are grateful for each day; I just don't know if there is more that we can do to help him.

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