A new "wrinkle" to my journey with RA....vertigo

For over a year I've been flaring off and on then about a month ago I 'got to' experience 2 ambulance rides to the ER (with the last culminating into a 2-day stay) because my BP was all over the map.

Blood pressure experience with RA

I've never had BP issues before. In the hospital, I had every test to make sure it wasn't my heart of a circulatory issue. I tested out "fine".

Docs were stymied but decided it might be toxicity to a drug I was on. (?????) That is actually inconclusive. Once I was home and thinking I was feeling better some of the symptoms returned then it dawned on me that I was experiencing vertigo (BPPV...google it) which I've had 2 or 3X in the past.

Dealing with multiple symptoms

I'm currently going to O.T. due to pain in my shoulders so the P.T. did the bppv manipulation which gives temporary relief.

In the meantime, I take OTC motion sickness medication. I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way. Weeks of it!!! Has anyone else had vertigo-related to RA??

My current rheumy isn't sympathetic to most of my issues so I'm plugging into a new one on 8/3 and hoping with his 'new eyes' we can figure some things out. I'm on Medicare so I don't qualify for biologics...well I do but our co-pay is way extremely high for our budget so that's out of the question.

Before ALL of this started I had trouble relating to posts of other RA sufferers.... that’s no longer the case.

My 5 yrs. since diagnosis, it would seem, was a blessing---a lull before the storm!!! My life before was limited and now it seems to be more so as being dizzy and loopy-feeling doesn't encourage me to do activities.

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