A story about 2 dogs

I have had RA since 2005 but didn't know it. My husband was in a near fatal accident in 2006 and I had my first major flare. I ignored it. In 2012 my mother went into hospice and I had my 2nd major flare. This one I couldn't live with, so I went to the doc's. They gave me a steroid shot and said I had RA. No tests, she could just tell. I went back to work, after the funeral, (I was a 48 States and Canada truck driver). I wore a knee brace and wrist brace, but it got to the point where my knee would give out, on the clutch and my wrist would be in unbearable pain when I shifted gears. Finally, I went to a Rheumatologist. I had been on methotrexate for 3 years, I had over a dozen side effects and felt like I was going to die, any day now. Finally, it was killing my liver and kidneys, my kidneys still spasm, to this day, but my liver doesn't hurt, any more. I researched natural supplement help. Nothing seemed to work. So, I have this huge box of supplements, in the cupboard. Of course, I was in the middle of my pity party and really didn't give them a chance. My pity party lasted 3 years, (I know, that was pathetic).

Here's the dog story. I have 5 dogs. 2 shepherds who are about to cross the rainbow bridge. They have had hip dysplasia, all their lives and now they have arthritis. The oldest could barely get up and her sister walked very slow and her hips tilted from side to side as she walked. Again, I researched and found a glucosamine mixture that had rave reviews. I found a generic brand and started giving it to them. In 3 days the youngest walked normal and could even run, some. She started playing with our Airedale, again. It was a miracle, although she paid for it the next day and just laid around, (sound familiar). The older dog can get up on her own, but she has a hard time breathing, and that didn't help her, so she just sleeps. I got out the big box of natural supplements, my pity party had ended, I had gotten an anti-depressant that worked wonders for my depression. So here is what I worked through, that has made me feel much better. I'm still in pain, but no more major or medium flares. In order of pain relief.

Florajen3 - my pharmacist recommended this for the stabbing pains in my stomach and intestines, every single morning for around 4 hours. It is a biologic. He said, because of our compromised immune system, some people have trouble digesting the preservatives and chemicals they put in our food. Artificial sweeteners are the worst. the pain was gone, in 3 days and I am regular for the first time in over 10 years.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin My brother takes this for his joints. It has lightened the pain, except for the bone on bone in my knees. It is a lubricant, in my opinion.

Super B complex with folic acid for energy Converges food into energy

Vitamin D3 I have always taken this, because I had barely any vitamin D.

Calcium, of course.

Triple Omega 3-6-9 contains fish oil, flax and chia oils

Turmeric Curcumin Helps with joint pain and inflammation

Vitamin C with wild rose hips (to replace flu shot, too many horror stories for me).

Odorless garlic for heart health

CO Q-10 for heart health

Over the counter Nexium for Angina, acid re flux, heartburn although I haven't had to take any since I figured out this regiment for me.

I was taking 12 prescription drugs, in the beginning. I felt like death and did absolutely nothing and never left the house

I left my specialist, she wouldn't treat the side effects or the pain, went to 7 different doctors, trying to find one that understood this disease. Weaned myself off everything but the Prednisone, (I can't afford the biologics and wouldn't take them anyway). I did wean myself off the prednisone and paid for it for 2 weeks. I do have it down to 10 mgs, I tried 5, but would get small flares. My number, BTW is 45, which is really high. So, Prescription medicines are:

Prednisone 10 mg (I broke 10 bones last June including my hip and pelvis)
Paxil 40 mg which is a great blessing for me. (anti-depressant)
Valium 5 mg which does nothing for my anxiety attacks, but helps me sleep

And that's the story of how 2 dogs showed me that over the counter, natural remedies, do actually work.

Soft hugs ~ Cher

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