The Aches and Pains of RA

Most of my friends have no clue what we go through on a day to day life and living with RA.

I am fine most days, but have had many flare-ups this winter. I try not to complain. Working has been really hard on me.

One day I went to work with foot issues where I limped for a whole 8-hour shift, along with a shoulder flare. The week after my hands became a problem. I am a warrior and push through the pain. The weather has been a major factor.

The commercials they play on TV do no justice for us. Everyone thinks if you take the meds you can do all of these activities, but most of us can't, or aren't capable of it.

One thing I would like friends and family to know is, the pain is unbearable. Don't judge us, and it's not minor aches.

Ask us, "what can we do to help you?"

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