RA, give me a break!

Several years ago I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis & after one year the plaques disappeared. It then resurfaced as nail psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis. This year my hands & knees began to hurt terribly, so I went to a rheumatologist who informed me that my bloodwork showed rheumatoid arthritis. I will soon begin Remicade infusions.

Blindsided by the pain after my diagnoses

Has this happened to anyone else? Boy, I feel blindsided with the pain & fatigue. I also have chronic kidney disease, so I cannot take aspirin, ibuprofen, or Celebrex. My doctor now has me taking Tylenol plus low-dose naltrexone, which has been a lifesaver!

Finding inspirations and distractions to rise above the pain

I just joined this site, & loved the story on the importance of distractions. I’ve always been a glass half full, not half empty person, & I truly believe the best way to deal with RA & PsA is staying positive, & finding something that inspires you to rise above the pain, if not physically, then mentally.

New activities to keep myself busy

This year I started an online Bible Study & send a short lesson out weekly, plus I have taken up painting. Swimming (on a noodle) for an hour every day when possible keeps me strong. I look back at my life filled with horseback riding & frequent exercise, & at 67 I now have so many wonderful memories cleaning stalls, & loving on all my pets through the years.

I have a routine for the pain

I refuse to let myself get depressed about the life change I’m experiencing, & when my knees, back, & hands hurt so bad, I have my routine set: hot jacuzzi bath with my homemade lavender-scented Epsom salts & Himalayan bath salt, two Tylenol, ice pack on my back, or stretching out on my bed with a heating pad & a good book. Life is too precious to spend it wasting my energy by being negative. It is so good to read the stories & know that I have an RA “family” to connect with & learn from. 🌷🎚😊

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