Acts of kindness: Matters!!!!!!!!

I don't take for granted small acts of kindness. I am often reminded that my car was literally on empty. My gas light was on. I was traveling late at night. Unfortunately my calculation was off. I really thought I had enough gas to make it home. I began to smell gas fumes and my car begin shaking. My heart was racing and I was praying that I'd make it to the next gas station. According to my GPS it would be exactly 3.8 miles. Well it was 32 degrees, very dark at 9:30 pm. I really was panicking. The car was completely empty. It wouldn't start. I locked the door and with my RA started walking to get help for gas. I was glad it wasn't in the middle of the road.
I had walked maybe one half mile and a lady asked me, Did I need help. I told her, yes. She took me to the gas station, she had a gas can. We got the gas, she took me back to my car. My bank was in so much pain. I told her that I was so thankful that she had stopped. There is so much danger out on the highways these days. It was the kindness of this lady that I won't forget. I told her that she came right on time. My knees, legs and especially my spine were very much in pain. It's the small acts of kindness that makes me feel grateful. There are days when it seems nothing goes right. For me it was that lady who helped me.
The next day from walking and being out in the elements. I was in the bed for a few days unable to hardly walk. But I will not complain of the swelling and pain, because I am just so thankful for this stranger assisting me that night. I won't take it lightly because it could have been more of a horrible night. I've learned a couple things, make certain you keep your car with gas, not to take chances and when you have such a chronic condition, to be mindful of time, weather. And where you are at. In my closing, we as patients never know what little act of kindness we can do for others that will go a long way. Be kind, because you never know that person may really need you. I needed that lady on that cold night. She was to me such a relief. After all the painful symptoms left me, I had plenty time to appreciate her act of kindness in more ways than anyone will ever know.

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