After I was blessed with my greatest accomplishment I was diagnosed with RA

I was 32, I was athletic growing up an all star gymnast, cheerleader, runner etc. After I gave birth I noticed I was having difficulties bending fingers, knees etc. Thankfully I had a Dr. who immediately ran an extensive amount of testing. Due to the fact that I already have auto immune issues (I had my thyroid removed at 17) so when my CCP & IGA came back off the chart as well as my RA factor, they retested. So from 32 to present I can't begin to explain how difficult life has been. My CCP (IgG & IgA) have never and I mean never once dropped below 250 (that’s where labs stop registering). My RA latex has never dropped below 104.3 (norm 0.0-13.9). Please know I've tried every single medication on market, Enbrel Methotrexate cocktails, Remicade (this was my favorite; I died 2 times b/c the drip on medication was too fast IT'S NEVER an allergy it's administration of medication- the drip speed.) I've been in the Pharma industry for 20 years, I was lucky to have many friends like Glaxo Chairman. Yes, I tried synergy, believe me, I have tried everything. My body seems to be rejecting meds - so I deal with life modified all things. I now wear clothes with no buttons. I had a nanny teach my daughter how to tie shoes early. Did I fail to mention I had 4 surgeries to fuse my fingers. My 11-year-old calls them "the ugliest fingers ever," they are horrifying. I've saved the best for last I was told I have interstitial Lung Disease. I stopped a long time ago updating my family when you take the no pain management route. I get a lot of OPINIONS, for me I'd be in rehab in a month. so here I am today 43 suffering in silence (well of course not here in this arena) I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone sharing it helps to know I'm not alone.

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