A few years ago, I quit taking my cholesterol pill because I thought it was giving me muscle cramps, but after about three weeks, it got worse, so I went to see my primary physician who referred me to a rheumatologist. I was floored to find out I have it. I have had to keep a straight face, and work tirelessly not to get depressed. Right now I am on 250 mgs of Hydroxychlorquine, but it's not helping. My fulltime job is becoming harder to do, and I can't afford to go parttime. I was looking forward to start dating again after being single for the last three years, but now i feel, who would want a 61 year old woman with all these ache and pains, so I don't go out anymore.
I am fortunate to be living in Hawaii, where I can go to the beach, which has been my outlet, it gives me so much peace. Hope that you can find yours.

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