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I had always had various aches and pains and bad teeth, but I did not know it was all rheumatoid related. I am glad to know what was at the root of my pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis increases emotional sensitivity

I would get breaks in my pain, but it would return. I thought it was "just the way I was" but rheumatoid arthritis was the undiagnosed sleeping dragon in my body.

My outlook is clouded by personal family issues--which have ALWAYS existed. But cutting ties with them has eased my stress level significantly.

I have come to the conclusion that those of us who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis are the cream of the crop where compassion and empathy are concerned. We simply "feel" things more deeply than ordinary people.

We stress over things that other folks do not. Sometimes we do the stressing FOR these characters. They are free as a bird whilst we shoulder the load.

It's okay focus on yourself

I am this way.

I try to solve each and every problem for my loved ones...scratch kin by blood.

It goes without saying, that this will wear you out.

Please fellow Super Problem Solvers, take off the cape and mask and allow grown folks to solve their own problems.

My habitual tendency to carry the load is a trait I inherited from my Dad -- along with rheumatoid issues. He was a do-for and I am, too.

Now I must learn to chill out for my mental as well as my physical health. It has helped me tremendously!

It will not be a popular decision with the ones who benefited from our sacrifices; but, as long as they're grown;

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