Here I go again

Ok, it’s official. I’m having a flare up. That is why I was motivated to find this site. After several years with RA I still want reassurance from others that it’s just not me. I read several stories and can relate with the miseries described. But today I’m just pissed!!!

Not sure how long I have had RA, I was diagnosed 20 yrs ago, I’m now 57. Insomnia is a constant companion and trouble with memory recall comes and goes, not to mention pain.

Like so many I have run the gamut with the meds that would work for a while and then stop. I’ve never tried marijuana or CBD oil but I have found alcohol brings some relief at times but carries its own problems.

Learning lessons

So what choices does that leave us with? You have to learn to live with it. Accept the fact you’re probably not going to live to ripe old age. I’ve found sitting idle only worsens the symptoms, so I go until I can’t. Then I knuckle down until I can go again.

As I grow older its gets harder to bounce back from flare ups. Even the term “Flare Up” sticks in my crawl. But I refuse to let RA fully control my life even if it sometimes reminds me like a sledge hammer to the head.

Thanks all for reminding me it’s not just me.

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