Bags of Pain

I am at a point where pain is a natural thing here for me in the past two years. This coming from a girl who has had multiple surgeries. From two brain surgeries and everything on the inside organ wise has been removed, gallbladder, appendix, tubal, complete hysterectomy, lump in breast. My hips have been hurting for a long while now. Both sides hurt so much that I get woken up. Here lately everything has been falling apart which when investigating make me believe I do have RA. Bilateral foot pain which they said was planters. Nothing helped from boots, insoles, Celebrex, expensive tennis shoes. Now my hands hurt, swollen, feet hurt, swollen, hard to grip, hard to walk, and loose my handling of things. Drop pans while cooking cause of my wrist and hand pain. Holding my hair trying to put my hair in a ponytail takes me a while. So I think it's time for me to get answers. Been in the medical field all my life on top of my dad was a doctor and my grandfather was a surgeon.

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