Balancing Act and Humira Hangover

Last updated: March 2023

Lately I feel like I cannot catch a break. It’s always a few steps forward and a few steps back. I’m constantly trying to figure out what’s too much and how I can push myself without consequences of ending up in bed for days.

Juggling self-care with RA

I’m struggling with the constant balancing act of managing a chronic illness. This weekend I had a couples’ dinner scheduled for Saturday. A few hours before dinner I got sick to my stomach and I felt much better afterwards. Did I do too much at the gym? I know I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary (working with a nutritionist and stick to a pretty bland diet). With a little push from my boyfriend I felt well enough to go and did.

About a year earlier I was sick to my stomach the night before the Diane von Furstenberg show at NYC’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I managed to muster up the energy to go, but was in bed for several days following.

When is it OK to push yourself versus when it is not? I’m still learning. Listening to my body is most important.

My Humira experience

I’ve been on Humira for over a year now and know the day after I take my shot I know not to schedule plans. I feel like I am hungover without drinking. It’s hard to focus and I feel very fogged.

The most important lesson: don’t overthink things and get back up as soon as possible but ALWAYS listen to your body. Take your cues from how you feel. I am learning this the hard way.

asbRA was diagnosed with RA in November 2012 at the age of 27 and fibromyalgia in 2013. Through therapy and MBSR meditation asbRA found her calling in journaling her experience and is writing a book on how to navigate an RA diagnosis in the prime of one’s life. As a strong advocate in the autoimmune community asbRA shares her wisdom in hopes of helping others. @AllisonSBerger

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