Why do we have to beg for Painkillers ?

The scene – I wake up and before I have time to open my eyes I feel an incredible burning, sharp piercing pain in my shoulder. I lift my head from the pillow to cry out in pain due to the very acute nerve crushing pain in my neck. OMG I can’t move my head at all to the right. I pull the sheets back and my thumb & fore finger is throbbing. I gently swing my legs over the edge of the bed, as my feet touch the carpet my right ankle almost explodes. The pain is like rolling your ankle.

Explaining the pain I would say it feels like my ankle joint is broken…. This has all happened in 30 seconds. I need to go to the toilet to urinate urgently. I put my hands beside me on the bed to help push up to stand. The most incredible pain from my neck that feels like I have whip lash, then I pull my right hand up quickly of the bed because my thumb and fore finger feels like they’ve been crushed – broken. I manage to stand up beside the bed…I’m now standing…OMG my ankle….OMG my ankle, I can’t bear it so I quickly sit back down on the edge of the bed…..I think I’m going to wet my pants, I need the toilet. I see my walking stick.

I get up again…The pain is now at the point where I actually talk to myself out loud. ’This is F@*%#d’ I grab my walking stick. Just holding it in my hand with swollen thumb, fore finger & now wrist I think I’m not going to be able to take the weight…but I have too…So I do….For that 100th of a second I feel that the pain is going to make me pass out. I take my first step. OMG, OMG, I whimper ‘no’. I look towards my bedroom door it looks a mile away. I take another step…The incredible pain..I think ‘This is insane’. I shuffle another step…tears are forming…another step and I take a huge breath of air…OMG…another step another whimper ‘Ahhhh’. I’ve now shuffled 4 steps… every step I whimper. I get to the door and I now have tears rolling down my face…….

I could go on & on. Getting to kitchen, getting a glass for a drink…PAIN….The day doesn’t improve.

Has anyone else felt this? What do you guys use for pain killers?

Have a great day

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