Water (pool) has given me a better quality of life!

Being diagnosed over 20 yrs. ago-I remember friends suggesting a variety of "cures" ( they were well meaning) but it wasn't until a friend brought me to the local indoor pool- that my quality of life began to turn around for the positive- I noticed that no matter how badly my body wreaked of pain- after about 15-20 minutes in the water--the pain began to wane! (sorry for the rhyme). It's been over 12 years now- 5 of them include water Thai Chi--which in the water is awesome- gentle movements with slow, deep breathing techniques- have been wonderful for me--my balance is 100% improved and the stretching has made me limber and given me more endurance & energy. My local "Y" offers tons of great programs- specifically targeted to those with "Arthritis". I use their Therapy pool to do the Thai Chi & water aerobics- the water is approx.88-90 degrees and very soothing on the joints. My Rhuemy tells me often--"whatever your doing--please continue!"

I loved your posting on the importance of exercise--I hope that anyone reading this who is in pain- and reluctant to try the " magic of water therapy" to reconsider! Find a local pool (even better if heated) and remember-the hardest part is getting there-once you regularly enjoy the magical powers of water- your quality of life will indeed improve!( Note: some facilities will give you a break on membership dues based on your income)

Good luck to all:-)

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