Blessing our circumstances

A dear friend of mine gave me a small pamphlet titled "Blessing our circumstance." Now I will be the first to tell you how hard this is to do. Several times I have read those words over and over and thought how in the world can I bless my circumstance? I mean how can you be thrilled to be sick and miserable? How can pain be a blessing? How can living in bed be a blessing? How can watching people walk away be a blessing? How can you make these things a blessing? Because right now it feels like a curse. A curse that will not go away. Something that has brought a lot of changes in my life, many frustrating changes, and a LOT of heartache.

And then I started to think about what the rest of the pamphlet said, it said count your blessings, see how many blessings you DO have. Once you start to count your blessings you will begin to see all the things you are NOT seeing because TRUTH is we all have blessings even through the storm.

Last year I started a blessing jar just so I could remind myself I have blessings and I did a great job of doing it for an entire year and had even more fun reading them all this past New Years. But I will be honest I haven't written a blessing down in 2 months this year. I feel so overwhelmed with my health and home life that somedays I just don't choose to take the time to think about blessings anymore. It's like I am so consumed with all the negativity. I know its normal to get stuck in a rut somedays but I am in a HUGE rut lately. I need to get back to counting my blessings!

With that said I was reminded of some blessings recently. I got just what I needed, a reminder. Sometimes that is all we need!

I was reminded that God is so big that I have no more room in my life for any negativity. Now I know this is easier said than done but I am going to try and remind myself of this every day.
We may not all believe in the same things but I am sure we can all agree that life is WORTH living and every moment we waste is a moment we can't get back. So make goals/plans and follow through with them. And when things don't go as planned, know its ok, it's life, stuff happens! Pick yourself up and continue on. Remember every second is a blessing.

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