blood tests didn't show that i had RA.....

It wasn't until I had the Olecranon bursa removed from my left elbow and they did a biopsy of it that the histology showed that without a doubt I have RA. None of the blood tests show that I have RA, even till this day, which is frustrating. But, I understand that it's not so unusual. I’m grateful to have had a wonderful rheumatologist. (I say "had" because he unfortunately passed away. I’m starting with a new one and I hope that he's as good.) I’m on MTX and plaquenil. My rheumatologist tried adding salazopyrin, but it turns out that I’m allergic to it. I did all the tests required before starting biologics (for my old Dr, RIP) and hope that the new Dr puts me on them (probably Enbrel). Unfortunately, the MTX gives me severe nausea; I believe that you continue with MTX while on biologics. The worst is the pain when trying to find a comfortable position to sleep (non-existent! It hurts no matter WHAT position and how many pillows I try!) And the pains and stiffness in the morning. The RA also makes me feel very fatigued, not fun! But, I keep reminding myself that things could be worse and that I should be grateful that it's not.

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