Still I can't believe I am this sick

I went to my regular MD because I thought I had broken my middle finger. By the time I went back a week later, the same finger the other hand looked and felt the same! She sent me to an RA doctor. I was shocked then, as I still am now, to know how horrible this disease is. That was about a dozen years ago. My kids were in High School, and I was still working as a teacher. As time marched on, the meds seemed to work, but I was giving up every weekend because of the harsh effects of Methotrexate. Also, I was given Lyrica for fibro. Lyrica made me crazy after a while, and I told my doctor I wanted off Lyrica and Methotrexate. My life went down hill. I lost thirty lbs., came down with microscopic colitis, and had to quit my job. I changed RA doctors when I wasn't getting any sympathy for the withdrawal pain of Lyrica. My point--you gave me this terrible drug, so do something about it!!! My new RA doctor pulled me off of everything and left me with just Humira. I'm not doing that well on just that alone. I am at a point that since I am retired, I can pay close attention to all my health problems. This also tells me I'm going to have to go on something more so that I can function. This is the worst disease to me--and no one can see it.

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