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Hello....At 56 yrs of age, I just found out yesterday that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've always had a low grade fever and elevated arthritic markers....I'm an Army Vet...and life just moved on...I ended up w/ a R hip replacement in 11/13 and on 9/14, had orthoscopic R knee surgery...a lateral release...For some reason, I had major problems with both, would not heal properly and ended up having fluid taken off my knee...a few times...before and after surgery. Eventually, my Orthopedic doctor suggested that it was time to see a Rheumatologist. His firmness might have had also something to do with my swollen/stiff L hand/wrist...painful figure joints and a trigger finger on both hands...My Rheumatologist ran a million blood test around the early part of March...all came out good except for the arthritic markers...which were elevated...He also ended up...once again...taking fluid from my R knee. I went back for my results yesterday and learned that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis... I was, immed, placed on Prednisone 10 MG, shown a pamphlet of possible, long term medications and was told to educate myself on this disease...HENCE, my joining this blog. I'm disappointed but always knew in the back of my mind that something like this would raise its ugly head...coming from a direct line of LUPUS folks...Last night, I had a hard time sleeping and missed work today because of my possibly needing frequent bathroom breaks...I hope that this BLOG can help me walk through my crisis/flare-up (which is what I am having right now!)...I'm not a very good patient...being an Army Vet and a woman...WE JUST PUSH ON! Now, I think I need some help in the pushing department...Thank you for listening to me spill...

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