How Rheumatoid Arthritis Changed My Life For The Better

Hello all!

My name is Eileen Davidson, I am a 32 year old single mother from British Columbia Canada. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis on April 8th 2015, my whole world turned around then, for better and for worse.

As I discovered the devastating toll that RA has on someone's life, I was shortly then diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and later with Fibromyalgia, my triple whammy of chronic illness and very common when you have RA. Not to mention the emotional toll that the anxiety and depression this disease causes. I was placed on disability when diagnosed with RA. I have a very compassionate rheumatologist.

As my arthritis broke me down I managed to find a new inner strength - my voice. I became an ambassador for The Arthritis Society, the largest non-profit non-government funded charity for arthritis in Canada. From there fueled my passion to become a patient advocate and arthritis blogger. I am aiming to help smash the debilitating stigma that is stumping arthritis advocacy and research.

It's my pleasure to introduce myself and share my story with you all. Keep fighting <3

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