What are these tennis injuries I keep on getting?
When I was 40 years old, playing tennis twice a week, water-skiing on weekends, my body started to feel pain in different areas after these activities. I was just about living at the physio, who was very switched on and suspected something a bit more sinister. He recommended I get a blood test to check it out. Of course it was positive for RA. I read all the literature that was available at the time (the 80's) and it all painted a bleak picture. I could be in a wheelchair within five years. Well, 32 years later, after many different drugs and therapies, I am still pretty active, playing pennant bowls and enjoying the social life that goes along with it. About eight years ago I joined a trial at the Monash Medical Centre for a new I/V drug called Actemra. It helped me from day one and I have been on it ever since. It has been a lifesaver. I am better now at 72 years of age, then I was in my 50-60's, and I thank my amazing rheumatologist, Prof. Geoff Littlejohn, for his care and attention, and his willingness to let me try new things. RA does try it's best to drag you down, attacking you in all sorts of places, but with help we can beat it. Regards.

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