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Last updated: April 2022

Hi all, it has been I believe 4 months since my last continuation.

How my RA symptoms have evolved

I am on Rinvoq, I have noticed a small difference in my hands but not my feet. They are getting worst. But what have noticed is I am not having the bad brain fog I use to get so much.

Even with my feet, I have been able to get out to do some shopping and out for dinner. I also treated myself with a girlfried to a "GIRLFRIENDS GETAWAY" at an excellent resort and spa, inclusive of breakfast and a gourmet 3-course dinner with mango infuse with rum sherbert to clean our pallet after of appetizer.

Adjusting to a new doctor

Now, moving on. My GP left the practice here to take over a retiring doctor's practice closer to his home and family. When I received his notice I was in tears. Even though he had only been my GP for 6 years, he has been with me through so much that has happened with my health and helped and supported me through it all.
I had seen his replacement twice now, once in Feb for a meet and greet and this past Monday for a follow-up on a visit to the hospital. So far I am not impressed with him but realize I need to give him more time.

Comorbidities & rheumatoid arthritis

One thing is, in Feb. he was reading a list of diseases. I have found out a few things I was not aware or knew for sure. So my list RA, OA, OP, Hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, atherosclerosis (moderate to left carotid) not aware of, Sjogren’s syndrome for sure, CKD, ILD appt with respirologist is Jan 26, 2023, fatty liver, re meds related, and LDDD (Lumbar Degenerative Disk Disease), which I was not aware of.

Anyway, I am in a fog and extreme fatigue today, but getting through it.

On Monday's doctor visit, we went over the hospital visit and then moved on. He was looking at my file and turned to me and said "you do have a lot of arthritis." (Duh).

I realize he doesn't remember me as he has met many patients. But my previous GP remembered me when I went to him and when I had the bad RA flare spring of 2016, he saw it right away and knew that wasn't the way I was before, he was GREAT. Anyway, shouldn't compare but give this new guy a chance.

Thanks for listening to me venting some.

Blessings and Prayers to all,


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