I’ve battled RA now since 2003. Just as cases were being reported in Washington state of the COVID-19 virus, I was in the midst of moving cross-country from Washington to Texas.

Symptoms appeared after my flight

In late February I made a trip to Seattle to see my doctors. Shortly after my return on March 9 I got a scratchy throat. I need at least thought no not another sinus infection from having flown. I then from March 9 until March 29 had this craziest strangest flu I have ever experienced.

I stayed home instead of going to the ER

My doctors said just stay at home it gets bad go to the ER. Well, I wasn’t going to the ER to get more germs so I stayed at home and sheltered in place because by then all of our rules and regulations in the country began to shut down. I quit taking all of my medications because I was so sick I was worried about sepsis as I am on a biologic and steroids. Luckily I have someone that can go and do my shopping for me and help with everything around my house I’m not unpacked and likely won’t be for several more months.

I took a COVID-19 antibody test

Three weeks ago here in Texas, the antibody test became available. I went to a drive-through tent located in our small community hospital. Two nurses came out garbled in PPE and took nine vials of blood as I’m hanging my arm out the window. I really admire those two women because my veins are normally flat from all of the steroids I’ve taken over the years.

I tested positive - I had it, and had been recovering for months

24 hours later I was notified by my doctor here in Texas that I indeed had tested positive for COVID-19 and that I currently did not have the virus. It seem to me that only a month has gone by that I was trying to convalesce but in reality it’s been 2 1/2 months recovering. I’ve been back on my Humira and my steroids now for a solid month but still I’m very fatigued. I’ve noticed a difference in my lungs and I’ve been told that it’s gonna take some time. I scoured the Internet to find to see to hear about anybody else with my autoimmune problems that had COVID-19.

Looking to speak with someone who also had COVID-19

Today I have not talked with anyone and would really like to hear from anybody on this forum if they also contracted the virus. I was scared out of my wits for two months waiting for a test to figure out if I’ve had the virus or not and now even knowing I’ve had the virus there is no guarantee that the antibodies will last at all. So while the state of Texas opens all around me I am still sheltering in place at the advice of my doctors. I’m 62 years old and I believe through many different epidemics etc. in my lifetime. Never before have I seen our country come to a screeching halt.

Hopefulness and optimism moving forward

I am hopeful and optimistic that we will learn more through trials and case histories of those that have experienced COVID-19. If I do leave the house I will be wearing a mask. I wish everyone out there is safe and amazing day because I am truly grateful to say that I survived the COVID-19 and it could’ve been way way worse (not that it was a picnic, don’t get me wrong) but I am here when others are not. Thanks for listening.

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