Cry baby moment

Today I had a "Crybaby" moment, I got in my car, and noted the steering wheel cover was off! As my son borrowed the car, no fault of his, however I tried in vain to put it back on, I sat there maybe 10 minutes trying, and trying and at that moment it's when I KNEW I have to ask for help, wait? what! .... then I thought...... back 10 years ago I never needed help, I did everything by myself, I was the person people could go to for help, not the other way around. I worked on my own car, I changed tires, I picked up stuff heavier than me, I was the STRONG one, and..... I can't even get a %$#@! steering wheel cover on (sorry for using bad language) Living with RA has it good days and bad days, today was my bad day, not being able to hold a steering wheel without pain, of course my family knows and at times doesn't know my limits. I look great, I don't look sick, my hands are not scarred or burned, or twisted, but it feels like my hands were hit by a hammer like in the cartoons, LOL. I couldn't do a simple task.... I drove with it off, thought about the simple things in life and had my cry baby moment. This is the most I've ever shared in public, but it feels good letting go ..... at times.

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