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Last updated: May 2020

Hello all. My name is Debbie Robinson & I am new to the group. I felt that joining would be valuable, since we can all gain new understanding of this terrible illness by reading about each other. Being around those who know what I am living with will be a big help.

I have quite a few chronic pain illnesses. But the R.A. is by far the toughest, as it has destroyed so many joints over the years. I have RA, Fibro, myositis, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, osteo arthritis etc. I started having joints replaced 8 years ago. Started with my right hip. 5 years ago, the right knee. That was so badly damaged, that it never healed correctly. My hands are stuck, that I am no longer able to open them all of the way, nor close them without agonizing pain. It spread to the backs of my hands, palms. Ankles and bottoms of my feet. Also, has moved into my neck & spine.

I try my best to just keep going. But when I suddenly lost my husband just 4 months ago, my symptoms really amped up. I can no longer use a cane or walker due to my hands. I frequently lose my balance, & have been known to fall. Finally, when I was at my RA specialist last week, he ordered me an electric wheelchair. Not happy about this. Was in a normal wheelchair before & hated it. I wonder if the pain & stress of losing my dear hubby has anything to do with the fast getting worse of the illness. I know that stress can play a big role. Does anyone have an opinion? I would welcome some feedback.

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