Diagnosed at 11, but told not to let anyone "cut me up" till I can't walk anymore.

My mom and oldest sister were both in bandages from drastic feet surgeries, both from arthritis, and I was next. The doctor said, If I went to another doctor he wouldn't do the surgery and I'd be cripple.

It really scared me, but my dad took me to another doctor. After all new x-rays, I was diagnosed with RA. I was told my hips were out of the sockets from birth,and my feet would get worse; but not to let anyone "cut me up" till hurt so bad I can't walk anymore.

I'm three surgeries since but I'm walking. At 57th, the last two years are getting worse. I kept it away with exercise, but as soon I slowed down, my back, hips, legs and shoulders stiffened up or hurt. I can't tell the difference between muscle pain and joint pain in some places. Now I try to tell others don't stop exercising.

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